Email Marketing

Psychological Optimisation

Getting people to open and read your email is the hardest part! That's why we have trained User Psychologists in-house who use a deep understanding of human psychology to optimise your campaign. This increases open-rates, read-rates and click-through-rates, thus giving you more bang for your buck.

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Media Buying

At Grow, we focus on targeted marketing. That's why we don't buy or sell mass mailing lists. We find these to be counter-intuitive, as the lists are often out of date, un-targeted, and cause frustration for the recipients - who didn't ask for the extra email.

Grow's approach is to find a selection of bloggers, magazines and service providers who hold lists of trusted and loyal contacts, that are specifically interested in you. The owners of the list will send out an email on your behalf, endorsing you to their followers. This recommendation is far more powerful and highly targeted.

Our team will scour the web to find the very best lists, and do all the leg-work to calculate who offers the lowest cost per click to your website, whilst ensuring that the lists are highly specific to your audience.


The human brain absorbs images 40,000 times faster than text. That's why we focus on conveying your message through visual means wherever possible. We create designs that reduce the amount of effort the viewer has to go through to understand your message.

By creating a clear understanding and combining that with professionalism, we create a sense of trust in what you're offering. Creating trust is the number one key to making a sale.

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If you already have an existing list of customers, we offer a dispatch service where our designs are expertly coded into HTML emails before being sent out. We also use means to optimise the number of people you reach by avoiding SPAM filters.

Our emails are A:B tested, so half your list will receive a slightly different email. Maybe a different subject line, maybe a different call-to-action. We'll study the results to find out what works for you and what doesn't, and use the data to improve your marketing effectiveness month on month.

How We Achieve Results:

Following the successful delivery of your email campaign, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of its performance. We will look at how many people received the email, what percentage of them opened it, and how many subsequently clicked on its content.

With our A:B analysis, we'll look at what worked, and why.

With the data in-hand, we will provide an evaluation of your campaign's performance in order to understand how your recipients received your message and how to deploy even more effective campaigns next month.

Armed with this information, the next campaign we send will be optimised even further, which maximises your return on investment!

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What this means for your business:
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