Grow Dubai Receives Google Partner Agency Certification

Posted on 02nd Apr, 2017
by Laura Pardoe

Grow, an Award-Winning Digital Agency in Dubai has recently been awarded the esteemed Google Partner Badge for excellence in Google Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Google Analytics.

To receive such a prestigious certification, Grow had to demonstrate growth and ROI for its clients in the above fields, in addition to passing several exams to prove their expertise. They now have the highly acclaimed “Google badge” and are now working towards Premier Partner status.

Through becoming a Google partner, Grow receives exclusive benefits such as access to regular trainings and Google events. They are also listed on the Google Partners Directory which opens up new business opportunities. Beta testing new Google software is also a perk so Grow can ensure that they are always on the cusp of new technological advancements.

The training seminars and initiatives provided by Google will ensure that Grow stay up to date with the latest features and strategies used to achieve higher ROI for their clients.

Grow’s clients PPC campaign’s will be super powered by Google employees who are on hand to offer support. They can streamline campaign creation and optimise campaigns even further based on their in-depth knowledge. Their helpline is also available at any time should any of Grow’s team need immediate assistance. Ultimately, Google’s aim in this partnership is to ensure that Grow’s clients are happy and achieving the maximum possible ROI - this is in line with Grow’s ethos to help their clients grow. Both entities are working together to ensure maximum effectiveness.

You can contact Grow today to discuss your Google powered campaign, whether it be PPC or SEO. Give them a call now on 04 456 0220 or email:

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