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What is WebSmart?

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What is WebSmart?

WebSmart allows you to modify your content as you see it on the website itself. No more complicated forms - edit text like you use Word, and upload images at the click of a button.

WebSmart offers a rich suite of Search Engine Optimisation features which makes it really easy to improve your ranking within Google.

WebSmart reduces the amount of time required to develop a website, which means we will get your new site up and running sooner, and save you money at the same time.

Faster, Optimised Website Builds

WebSmart comes with psychologically optimised wireframes out-of-the-box. This means we can design and develop your new website to be fully optimised and tailored to your needs, in a fraction of the usual time.

By cutting down the development time, your website will be online sooner, and we will pass on the savings to you.

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Search Engine Optimisation

WebSmart has a full suite of tools which make Search Engine Optimisation a breeze. No technical ability required - you have full control of the important SEO features at your fingertips.

Furthermore, it is really easy to edit each page as it appears on-screen, just as you'd see it live on your website, so it's crystal clear what you're editing at any one moment.

Full eCommerce Functionality

WebSmart comes out-of-the-box with full WYSIWYG eCommerce functionality which allows us to create tailored eCommerce websites in record time. This time saving gets you online faster and saves you money.

  • Psychologically optimised sales funnel and checkout
  • experience maximises the sales generated.
  • Easily import thousands of products from MS Excel
  • Edit multiple products using the Mass Product Editor
  • Edit individual products as you see them live on the website
  • Edit website content as if you're using MS Word
  • Stock control and current orders panel
  • Real-time order notifications
  • Offer special discounts and coupon codes
  • Integrated with local delivery providers such as Aramex,Empost as well as UPS, FedEx and USPS
  • Integration with any Payment Gateway including Payfort,2Checkout, Checkout.com and PayPal
  • SSL support for the highest security and customer trust
  • Multi-server infrastructure to ensure your website is always online
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Online Ordering and Table Bookings for Restaruants

Accept food delivery orders and table bookings in real-time, with instant status updates for your customers. Some of our restaurant clients generate over AED 100,000 per month in additional revenue through our online ordering system.

The ordering system is designed specifically to maximise order value and create user-friendly ordering experiences. Users are kept informed in real-time via immediate status updates, so they know when their order is "being prepared" or "on the way". This reduces the number of phone calls made to your branches, which keeps the phone lines and staff available to accept more orders!

If you run a dine-in restaurant, you can display your table plan and receive table reservations through your website in real-time, across multiple devices. Immediate confirmation will block-out that table availability within your branch, much like choosing a seat at the cinema. This gives customers the ability to choose their specific table location without even having to phone the restaurant, which raises your customer service to a new level.

Appointment Booking

If you run a doctor's practice, dental clinic, salon or spa, real-time booking will be hugely beneficial to your business. Save time organising bookings and make the booking process quick and easy for your customers.

Customers are able to see available appointments and book them immediately through your website. At the same time, the apointment will be blocked out in your office, so receptionists can know what's going on at every second.

By providing a quick and easy to use booking system, you will increase the number of bookings you receive and free up time for your receptionist as well!

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Robust Cloud Infrastructure

WebSmart runs on a state of the art cloud infrastructure hosted in London by Rackspace. The servers are the best in the world and are used by Dubizzle and Cobone among others globally.

The platform runs on six servers in total, to spread out the load and optimise operations. The result is a highly reliable and high performing website that is easily able to cope with high traffic demands. Furthermore, you can enjoy daily backups for that extra peace of mind.

Monthly Support Plans

If you want to own a website and forget about the day to day running, Grow offer monthly support plans to keep your site maintained, optimised, and up-to-date. Simply send us the content that you want to go on your website and we'll do all the legwork for you.

We will also ensure that every update maintains the website's superior SEO performance, stays psychologically optimised, and maintains the high quality and visual impact that your reputation depends on.

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What this means for your business:
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tick icon Incredibly easy to update your website
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tick icon Monthly support plans
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tick icon Faster development time - saving you money
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tick icon Search engine optimisation features
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tick icon Real-time integration
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tick icon Robust server infrastructure
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