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General Manager

Posted on 15 February 2021
Are you a manager that is far from general? Are you an intelligent and motivated person who thrives on solving difficult problems all day every day?

We’re looking for someone like you who can straddle two companies in the marketing and branding industries, and take full responsibility for their ultimate success.

We’re looking for an all-round superhero who is strong at sales, coordination, project management, financial management, leadership and client relations. Someone who can confidently steer a company through the pandemic and out the other side. Someone who sees the opportunities and who is willing to grasp them with both hands.

This position is far from general. It requires diplomacy, agility, skill, patience, drive, dedication and loyalty.

More about the business:

Grow is a 9 year old strategic growth consultancy. We specialise in developing triple digit growth strategies that combine marketing, sales and retention. We have a super-team of highly talented and passionate people who build the strategy as well as roll it out as an agency thereafter.

Joie Brands is a 12 year old strategic branding agency with some huge brands under its belt including Rove Hotels and Dubai Opera House. The team are located here in Dubai as well as South Africa & the UK. Joie Brands’ focus on strategy first means that the brands created are highly personal and resonant with their target audience. They “humanise brands”.

The two companies are joined at the hip and essentially share the same team/overheads.

Your role will be to grow both businesses through active sales using your seniority to provide authority and expertise to close deals. You will need to have experience in (or be able to learn FAST) digital marketing, strategic growth, brand strategy, brand identity and rollout.

You will also be required to maintain close relationships with Grow & Joie’s customers over the long-term, understanding that the initial sale is only the beginning. This will enable you to ensure they are getting the most value from Grow & Joie, as well as identify opportunities to grow their account over time.

Internally, you will be responsible for the seamless operation of the team and delivery of projects. You will need to ensure that the team are efficient and able to cope with the work. You will be required to manage the books, compile cashflow forecasts and extract key business intelligence to identify weak spots and areas of growth opportunity. Your deftness in excel and management of profitability and cashflow will be tested to the limits. You will hire slow and fire fast, with everyone on the team understanding that we are an above average company and so average team members don’t last.

The team culture is that of a close knit family, with everyone rowing in the same direction and supporting each other for mutual success. We have very clear and transparent channels of communication and the team know exactly the situation at any given moment. This culture has taken years to cultivate and hiring a team of superstars has taken equally long. Therefore we’re looking for an inclusive leader who inspires and motivates, who isn’t afraid to be human or vulnerable in front of their team, and who understands the value of clear and frequent communication. That is our leadership style and we want it to be continued and nurtured.

Now the more formal stuff:

Key Responsibilities

Internal Responsibilities:
  • Maintain the agency’s overall philosophy and quality of standards and output
  • Build and sustain a healthy environment for the team and agency as a whole
  • Set Targets for managers and measure their performance regularly
  • Understand Employee engagement and encourage engagement with our brand
  • Maintain the positive company culture
  • Manage company expenses
  • Monitor client feedback and satisfaction
  • Monitor profitability of each account & project
  • Manage and forecast accurate cashflow
  • Generate new leads through networking, event attendance, sales and marketing activities
  • Participate and prepare client proposals and solutions
  • Present company credentials and demonstrate ROI through our services
  • Grow the business to pre-covid levels and 5X beyond - with a focus on profitability over employee size
  • Cash collection - collect 2x outstanding payments

Client Responsibilities:
  • Call each client at least once per week
  • Develop and forge deep relationships with current and past clients
  • Always see the bigger picture and how we can support our clients to achieve it
  • Understand clients’ commercial needs
  • Create commercial solutions for clients that meet their commercial needs
  • “Go wide” and build relationships with multiple people within each company

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Develop and forge deep relationships with current and past clients
  • Win 3x new client/project each month totalling AED 300,000 in new revenue
  • Ensure budgets are adhered too
  • Provide and share the vision for the company with the team
  • Set 5x Company Targets and Measure progress towards them
  • Obtain a team satisfaction score of 75/100 or above
  • Obtain a client satisfaction score of 80/100 or above