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What is SEO and SEM?

Why Grow?

We approach SEO in the same way a broker would invest in the stock market. We optimise your chances of success by doing our research, carefully choosing the best stocks (keywords), and investing time in them to ensure they are successful.

As with the stock market, SEO takes a long time to yield rewards, which is why we focus on SEM to get traffic flowing to your site straight away. Then, once SEO starts to generate traffic, the rewards are substantial, and well worth the wait! The traffic is free, highly targeted, and highly engaged.

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How We Achieve Results:

The end-game for both SEO and SEM is to attract high numbers of targeted customers to your website, which will generate new business for your company.

Grow has a long track record of successful SEO campaigns, where our clients have reaped huge rewards (we're talking millions of dirhams annually). You should join them!

What this means for your business:
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