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Front & Back End Web Developer

We are looking for a talented Front & Back-End Web Developer. If you have the skills, apply now!

SEO Executive

Do you have the passion for SEO & SEM, and are looking to start a career at Grow? If so, then let's talk! Apply below.

Digital Marketing Intern

Are you a tech-savvy individual with a passion for SEO, SEM and social media, and would like to start a career in digital marketing? You might be the one we're looking for!

Grow Freelancers

We require Arabic Translators, Arabic Web Designers & Content Writers

We are always looking for Freelancers to join our talented pool.

Attention UI Design Rockstars!

Are you looking for an internship opportunity at a fast-growing, award-winning digital agency, servicing top-tier international clients in the sun kissed city of Dubai? 

Learn more about this internship opportunity. 

Digital and Web Copywriter

We are looking for a digital and web copywriting intern with strong research and organisational skills. 

Read more about this opportunity then send us samples of your work. You might just be the one we're looking for. 

General Manager

Are you a manager that is far from general? Are you an intelligent and motivated person who thrives on solving difficult problems all day every day?

We’re looking for someone like you who can straddle two companies in the marketing and branding industries, and take full responsibility for their ultimate success.

Sales & Account Manager

Are you a person that people automatically trust? Someone who confidently leads others yet humbly welcomes everyone into their lives? A people person and harmoniser who can bring teams together to work as one? If so, read on.

We’re looking for someone who is down to earth, grounded and genuinely comfortable to be around.

Magento Web Developer (Remote)

Are you a world-class web developer who has a strong understanding of both front and back end development using coding design practices such as OOP and MVC? Are you proficient in Magento, PHP, Javascript and CSS3? If so, we want to speak to you!

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Account Manager / Client Relations Manager




We understand you can only be your best if you feel your best. That means taking frequent breaks, working sensible hours, and being free from stress.
We operate a flex-hours policy where you can come in to work at any time between 7AM and 10AM. So if you’re a morning person and want to get cracking, or a night-owl and prefer a lie-in, we offer a work schedule that works for you.

Our Head of Happiness operates an open-door policy so you can approach them whenever you need support or want to talk. Our office transparency and culture reinforces openness, so you’ll feel able to talk and feel truly supported.



We love to have fun at Grow! In the office we have a positive, fun-loving environment, but we express ourselves best when outside of work having fun.
We’ve been kayaking, swimming with dolphins (twice!), white water rafting, zoo-going and sightseeing! Add to that the numerous dinners, parties and other shenanigans. We have a good time :)



The owners put their heart and soul into the happiness of the team. It comes first before anything else. They often quote Richard Branson saying “Look after your employees and they’ll look after your clients”, and it’s true!
We also hold a weekly team workshop run by an external Culture Consultant. We explore our personal & professional ambitions, Grow’s ambitions, our goals and our individual purpose in life. We encourage a healthy environment of candor, whereby offering feedback to our peers is done to support each other and help to better ourselves.
  • 55%: The percentage of employees that resign and ask to come back
  • 3 yrs: The average tenure at Grow


It’s important that everyone at Grow shares mutual values which align with the company.
If you align with the following values, you’re going to be a perfect fit and go far at Grow:

  • You are able to put yourself in people’s shoes and understand their perspective.
  • You anticipate people's needs well in advance.
  • You are friendly, approachable & positive.
  • You are proactive in reaching out & communicating with your team and clients.
  • You are not monotonous (robotic) in your processes & can think out of the box in certain situations.
Innovative Problem Solver
  • You come up with new ideas frequently.
  • You are not afraid to express yourself.
  • You strive to push industry boundaries.
  • You can solve problems in creative ways.
  • You are a self learner & often spend time learning more about your field.
  • You participate in extracurricular activities outside of your work.
  • You readily take on new responsibilities without being asked.
  • You come up with solutions to larger problems that affect the company.
  • You’re always looking ahead in the company’s best interests.
  • You understand the impact of your actions on the business.
  • You stay abreast of the digital industry and recommend improvements for the business.
Performance Awareness
  • You regularly complete tasks on time to a high quality.
  • You regularly meet your KPI’s.
  • You deliver work to clients’ expectations.
  • You have a clear understanding of the outcomes expected of you.
  • You are well organised and streamlined.
Team Player
  • You support and inspire your team members.
  • You communicate effectively within your team.
  • You assist others when they need you.
  • You come up with solutions to your and others’ problems.
  • You can manage your workload effectively.
  • You take ownership of your workload.
  • You acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake and learn from it.
  • You do not blame or make excuses.
  • You are not afraid of putting in extra hours when it’s needed.
  • You have a vested interest in delivering high quality work.


Health insurance
Bonus Holiday
Flexible Hours

Bonus Holiday

Each month we hold a raffle to see who wins a long weekend. It’s a bit of fun and a nice bonus for the team.

Flights Home

We ensure that everyone can get home to see their families once per year by providing a complimentary flight allowance on the anniversary of each Grower.

Flexible Hours

Night Owl or Day Hawk, come to work when you feel most comfortable.

Health Insurance

We provide health insurance for all our employees which covers all pre-existing conditions and has a better than average network to keep you fit and healthy.

We at Grow host dedicated days to recruitment. This day will allow you to impress us with your strengths in your particular field.
Whether your a salesperson, project manager, designer or developer looking to join Grow, this day will test you among others within the industry. You will haveinteractive interview sessions, participate in live workshops and have the opportunity to present why you’d be the perfect fit for Grow.
Up for the challenge?
Email us and we’ll let you know when the next recruitment drive is!