Why is that beneficial?
Twitter makes it possible for your customers to develop a relationship with your brand and connect on a deeper, more authentic level. Consider the old adage All lasting business is built on friendship. If you create and maintain a friendship with one customer, they will be your customer for life. Twitter gives you this opportunity, but on a much bigger scale. Your brand can literally develop friendships with thousands of people, and take them by the hand straight to your products and services.
How do we use Twitter?
In 140 characters or less of course! But we use those characters well. We're all about personifying your brand on Twitter and relating to your audience in the same language they speak. At Grow we focus on engagement and building relationships with your customers. With Twitter's real-time nature, we can have live, witty conversations with these individuals to create the spark in your brand. We're not about trending hashtags for a day, we're about building your brand on Twitter with time and effort so that it's always consistent and always fresh.
Yes, but how do you do it?
We get people to talk about you and we look for conversations to dive into. We find the right people (both influencers and customers) and we convert them all into followers by the simple method of building trust. These followers are not bought. They are human beings who have been excited by your brand and are willing to engage, due to the positive emotions we evoke when they do so. Over time the trust we build will secure their loyalty and when the need arises, there will be no question about who they buy from.
What are the benefits?
tick icon Understanding what your fans want
tick icon Evoking their emotions
tick icon Keen focus on your objectives
tick icon Our creative minds
tick icon Keeping you updated with the latest social media trends
tick icon Detailed reporting & analysis
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