Accounts, Administrative and HR Assistant

Accounts, Administrative and HR Assistant

We are looking for a new addition to our team who loves challenges and are able to work independently. Interested? 

job description

About Grow:

Grow is an award winning strategic growth consultancy, known for our big-picture approach to growth and using behavioural psychology to boost the performance of brand communication.

Our Team:

We are a diverse group of individuals with varied backgrounds and spread over three continents. Yet despite our distance, we share a close bond and passion for growth.

We’re a team that feels like a second family, sharing strong values of teamwork, learning and growth. We’re always open to meet new people who can fit our remote working culture of trust, transparency and autonomy.

We are looking for a team member who will share the same values of integrity, growth mindset, passion, responsibility and intrapreneurship as the rest of us.

Are we a match? Then this opportunity is for you.

A day in the life of an Accounts, Administrative and HR Assistant:

For the administrative role, you will be answering and screening phone calls and logging the leads to Pipedrive. You will also be responsible for monitoring and organising the employer's emails and will be handling sensitive information. You will also be responsible for handling, organising and filing electronic files. You will be providing general assistance to the CEO, Managing Director and the whole team. You will also be creating and reviewing client and 3rd party agreements.

As an HR assistant, you will be assigned to be the company officer to handle DMCC submissions and portal management. You will also be managing and maintaining employee documents, including employee leave reports. You will also be creating employee contracts and job offers.

As an accounts assistant, you will be performing bookkeeping duties such as invoicing, budget tracking and monitoring aged receivables. You will also be responsible for processing supplier payments and salaries, and advising the management for the payment approvals. You will also be maintaining and reconciling financial accounts as well as liaising with the accountants and auditors in finalising the VAT returns and audited financial statements. You will also maintain cashflow and KPI spreadsheets, and will be monitoring client payments and doing follow ups when needed. You will also be performing other accounts related duties as assigned.

What we are looking for:

For this position, we require someone who has experience in bookkeeping using Xero cloud-based accounting software, and who is proficient with Microsoft Excel. We also want a candidate who has an understanding of UAE VAT and Economic Substance Report. Though not required, we prefer a candidate who has a prior experience as an HR & Admin Officer in the UAE. The candidate should have strong interpersonal, organisational and communication skills, both written and verbal. You should have excellent attention to detail and be able to work independently or with minimal supervision. You should have excellent problem solving skills and be able to anticipate the management's needs to provide solutions instead of problems. The ideal candidate should also be trustworthy and discreet when dealing with confidential company information.

Job Perks and Benefits:
  • Freedom to work from anywhere
  • Health insurance
  • Remote working
  • Annual leave benefits
  • Flexi hours & 2-day weekend
  • Strong company culture
  • Strong focus on promoting a healthy work / life balance

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