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Are you a person that people automatically trust? Someone who confidently leads others yet humbly welcomes everyone into their lives? A people person and harmoniser who can bring teams together to work as one? If so, read on.

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Are you a person that people automatically trust? Someone who confidently leads others yet humbly welcomes everyone into their lives? A people person and harmoniser who can bring teams together to work as one? If so, read on.

We’re not looking for an overtly confident and brash salesperson. We’re looking for someone who is down to earth, grounded and genuinely comfortable to be around. Yes, we need someone who is confident enough to lead a meeting and able to handle rejection, but most importantly we want someone who is trustable, likeable, and who can build strong and lasting relationships with existing and new clients alike.

We’re looking for someone like you who can straddle two companies in the marketing and branding industries.

The two companies require different thinking from a sales perspective, and it is difficult to switch from one to the other. However, if you are able to do so, the two companies offer highly compatible products which means huge up-selling and cross-selling opportunities in the long run.

You will be the primary agency custodian of all client accounts and be their trusted advisor. You will be responsible for the successful final execution, delivery and implementation of all deliverables within the scope of work through the efficient management of the team and clients. This is to ensure swift invoicing and profitability of every account, and the ultimate satisfaction of the client.

More about the business:

Grow is a 9 year old strategic growth consultancy. We specialise in developing triple digit growth strategies that combine marketing, sales and retention. We have a super-team of highly talented and passionate people who build the strategy as well as roll it out as an agency thereafter.

Joie Brands is a 12 year old strategic branding agency with some huge brands under its belt including Rove Hotels and Dubai Opera House. The team are located here in Dubai as well as South Africa & the UK. Joie Brands’ focus on strategy first means that the brands created are highly personal and resonant with their target audience. They “humanise brands”.

The two companies are joined at the hip and essentially share the same team/overheads.

Your role will be to identify new opportunities from your own network as well as from leads provided to you, to strictly qualify prospects and then identify the best solution for each. Your grasp of the following areas will need to be strong:
  • Strategic growth concepts
  • Omnichannel marketing (digital focus)
  • Sales processes
  • Sales psychology
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand roll-out
Training will be provided however you will need to pick this up FAST. Therefore, pre-existing experience in at least some of these areas will be highly beneficial.

Once you close the business, it is just the beginning. Your strong relationship with the client will last for many years, and you will be the face of Grow/Joie Brands. You will liaise with the client and the internal team to ensure the client is getting the most value possible as well as ensuring that the team have sufficient information/assets from the client to do their work effectively.

Your close relationship with the client will enable you to build trust and identify key growth opportunities for the client, in effect growing the account whilst providing more value and ultimately achieving triple digit growth for them.

Experience in the following additional skillsets will be highly beneficial:
  • Strategy (marketing/brand/sales)
  • Project management
  • Web development/design
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Brand identify
  • Brand Roll-out
You may also be called upon to liaise with third-parties as necessary.

Key Responsibilities
  • Source and close new business opportunities on a weekly basis
  • Ensure smooth onboarding and embedding of new clients
  • Maintain strong relationships with all clients beyond the initial sale
  • Ensure clients are kept abreast of progress on a project on a weekly basis (minimum)
  • Explaining the method of the agency and ensuring the client sees you as an ally
  • Aiming to retain existing clients and upsell them to beneficiary projects
  • Understand time to resolution on any project
  • Build strong relationships with existing clients
  • Ensure projects remain on track

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Generate 20 new leads per month through networking, event attendance, sales and marketing activities
  • Participate and prepare client proposals and solutions
  • Present company credentials and demonstrate ROI through our services
  • Close 5 projects/retainers per month to a total value of AED 300,000 new revenue. This is across branding, marketing & web development
  • Retain 80% of existing clients and upsell them to beneficiary projects
  • Respond to each client within 1 hour of their communication. This doesn’t have to be the answer, but just an acknowledgement email
  • Call each client at least once a week

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