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job description

The SEO Executive is responsible for implementing SEO strategies for clients. The SEO Executive can quickly understand and support initiatives that will contribute to the goals and success of client campaigns. Driving ROI for our clients through successfully implemented SEO campaigns in the main goal for this role.

Key Functional Areas of Responsibility
  • Perform keyword research in coordination with client business objectives to optimise existing content and uncover new opportunities
  • Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages
  • Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals – general and keyword specific
  • Administer search engine programs (XML sitemaps, shopping feeds, webmaster tools) for purposes of diagnostic reporting on client projects
  • Implement link building campaigns in coordination with client SEO goals using personal approaches and online tools.
  • Content promotion of content & management of content activities
  • Assist in development and execution of communication/content strategies via social communities in coordination with SEO goals
  • Keep pace with SEO, search engine and internet marketing industry trends and developments
  • Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels
  • Work closely with the other team members to meet client goals

Professional Competencies
  • Passion for SEO & New & Emerging SEO trends
  • Strong technical knowledge of SEO & its terminology
  • Strong understanding of SEO requirements for Content
  • Outstanding ability to think creatively, and identify and resolve problems
  • Attention to detail and the ability to effectively multi-task in a deadline driven atmosphere
  • Ability to clearly and effectively articulate thoughts and points
  • High levels of integrity, autonomy, and self-motivation
  • Excellent analytical, organisational, project management and time management skills

Personal Competencies
Must be show the following values:

  • You are able to put yourself in people’s shoes and understand their perspective.
  • You anticipate peoples needs well in advance.
  • You are friendly, approachable & positive.
  • You are proactive in reaching out & communicating with your team and clients.
  • You are not monotonous (robotic) in your processes & can think out of the box in certain situations.

Innovative Problem Solver
  • You come up with new ideas frequently.
  • You are not afraid to express yourself
  • You strive to push industry boundaries.
  • You can solve problems in creative ways.

  • You are a self learner & are often spend time learning more about your field.
  • You participate in extra curricular activites outside of your work.
  • You readily take on new responisbilities without being asked
  • You come up with solutions to larger problems that affect the company
  • Always looking ahead in the company’s best interests
  • You understand the impact of your actions on the business
  • You stay abreast of the digital industry and recommend improvements for the business

Performance Awareness
  • You regularly complete tasks on time to a high quality.
  • You regularly meet your KPI’s
  • You deliver work to clients’ expectations.
  • You have a clear understanding of the outcomes expected of you
  • You are well organised and streamlined

Team Player
  • You support and inspire your team members
  • You communicate effectively within your team
  • You assist others when they need you
  • You come up with solutions to your and others’ problems
  • You can manage your workload effectively.

  • You take ownership of your workload.
  • You acknowledge when you’ve made a mistake and learn from it.
  • You do not blame or make excuses
  • You are not afraid of putting in extra hours when it’s needed.
  • You have a vested interest in delivering high quality work

Professional Skills & Qualifications
  • 1 – 2 years experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Experience with website analysis using a variety of analytics tools including Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Google My Business
  • Experience working with popular SEO tools (Buzzsumo, Buzzstream, Content Outreach Platform, Content Promotion Sites)
  • Experience working with CMS and building/administering content in CMS environments (i.e. Wordpress Data Entry for uploading Blog Articles)
  • Desired: Knowledge of HTML/CSS and website administrations

About Grow
Grow is a 9- year old Digital Agency specialising in deploying psychologically optimised digital marketing solutions that generate high ROI for its clients. We have a proven track record for success and a strong reputation for Western work ethics and consistently high quality output. We have won awards and have a respectable list of big brands that we work with on a regular basis.

We have benefits to working at Grow, including the following:
  • Remote work
  • Flexi hours & 2-day weekend
  • Strong company culture. We regularly participate in team activities, ie team lunches. We have a strong focus on promoting a healthy work / life balance

Please send through with your CV along with salary expectation & case studies showing how you have used SEO successfully to increase ROI for a client.

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