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Why use an agency?

You can outsource work to other countries, to people you don’t know from Adam, and hope for the best – we at Grow could do that, too, if we chose to. So why don’t we?

Keeping all work in-house means that we can exert thorough quality checking to ensure the output meets our high standards, every time. Growing our team as an agency or one-stop-shop also allows us to continuously expand our skillset to accommodate all the outlets that the internet has to offer.

We also believe that things should stand out, rather than merely exist. Online networks are there as an extension of your customer service; if it’s not impressive and customer-friendly, neither are you.

While outsourced work is cheap, so is the quality of the work. That is not what Grow is about; we hire the best of the field experts and produce high-value work that will always exceed the quality of outsourced projects; exceeding many of our competitors by default.

Grow have individual teams for web design, development, and online marketing. This gives us total control of everything that is generated for our clients, ensuring quality across the board.

Grow’s digital agency houses the following skillsets:

  • Technical data analyst
    • Interprets user statistics to understand where money is being well spent, and where it’s being wasted.
  • Creative genius
    • Comes up with great ideas for viral marketing campaigns and keeps the content fresh and interesting.
  • Copy writer
    • Maintains quality across the board with well-written articles for blogs, press releases, websites and social media.
  • Graphic designer
    • Creates branded graphics for every social media post & other company content. Again, this maintains professionalism and quality; boosting the likelihood of users sharing content.
  • Web & App programmer
    • All your internet exploits require back-end development to programme computer language flawlessly into the internet.
  • Do-er
    • Schedules posts according to the input from the four other team members. Posts can be scheduled to post on a given day at a given time – based on statistical evaluations – to ensure the greatest exposure and thus boost your return on investment.

So how can a digital agency benefit you?

  • No investment required in terms of office space, visas, insurance, and so forth
  • In terms of value obtained, your cost is much lower than outsourced work
  • Face-to-face meetings ensure better understanding of your company requirements
  • Our experts can advise additional online avenues that can increase company exposure and revenue.

Cons of hiring agencies:

  • Risky and costly, if you go with an agency that doesn’t know what they’re doing
  • Many agencies are stuck in their ways and do not read up on new, cutting-edge innovations
  • Requires a diverse team to be effective.

At the end of the day, you make your choice upon the level of quality you want your brand to exude. And for those who want to be taken seriously – especially those looking to infiltrate the global market – quality is paramount to your success.

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