How we Created an Effective Social Media Strategy for FlipOut (View our Award Nominated Case Study)

BY laura March 05 2018
Here is an example of how we created an award-nominated digital strategy for our client, Flip Out. Flip Out is the biggest trampoline park in Dubai, and were awarded the Best Party Venue in Dubai. Our case study has been shortlisted for a well esteemed nominated (Best Social Media Strategy) at the Seamless Awards. The winners will be announced on April the 15th and are up against the likes of Clear Trip & Emirates Islamic Bank.

How our social media strategy translated into increased revenue and how we measured ROI:

We worked very closely with Flip Out and from the very beginning of our working relationship, we ensured that they filled in a business questionnaire. We were thorough with the financial information that we required including regarding their footfall, profit margins, average customer spend, what services are more profitable etc. We used this financial business data to craft a strategy to achieve the goal of obtaining healthy ROI. 
Through setting up internal tracking such as adding “ where did you hear from us” on waiver forms (the options being social media, website, etc) we were well informed of where customers were coming from. Also every time a potential customer calls Flip Out, the receptionist asks the same questions and this information is logged.

Landing Page Creation

We created landing pages that promote Flip Out’s main ROI generators in terms of their key activities, those being: Birthday’s, General Admission & Corporate Team Building. Through working very closely with the sales team, we understood who turned into actual business and supported the entire customer journey: for example, through viewing a birthday ad on Facebook, through to clicking on to the landing page, enquiring and then understand if the customer actually purchased a birthday party from Flip Out. This was all maintained through an online spreadsheet and we discovered that one of the landing pages drove a conversion rate of 28%; this is significantly higher than the average of 3.5%
All in all, through onsite monitoring, we confidently attributed 51% of Flip Out’s monthly revenue to digital (predominantly social). 
In January, 40,000AED was placed as social advertising budget. Flip Out received 236,639AED revenue from social yielding a 311% ROI.

How we use social media platforms to promote and market their services in innovative and creative ways

We keep ourselves updated with new technologies and always experiment to improve our strategy. As part of our continued experimentation, we trialled a BOT competition on Facebook which proved to be a very successful campaign. This technology is very new in the region, and we played a part in setting up the user experience, design & competition implementation.
We are heavily involved in the creative briefing for video content and ensure that we create psychologically optimised content. Within the first few seconds of viewing the video, the audience understands exactly what the service is and what’s in it for them. We are currently in the process of creating new video content since we do not want to fall victim of “ad fatigue” where our target audience keeps viewing the same advert.
We also promote very relevant content related to current events such as Halloween & Valentine’s Day. 
We do not invest the ad budget in promoting regular posts. Instead, we create ROI focused ads and only boost important posts and events. For every new ad campaign, we create a tailored target audience, a number of ad variants to AB test and an ROI focused landing page that is developed keeping user psychology in mind.
Lastly, we have just launched the Facebook messenger customer chat plugin that was launched recently and adding that directly to the website

The reach of their social media presence, how many shares they had and how did that convert into new customers for Flip Out.

Number of followers:
Flip Out have a large number of followers on their social media platforms, to date; 41K on Facebook and over 5K on Instagram.
Facebook BOT Statistics:
The Facebook BOT competition post received a positive response with 830 reactions, 102 shares and 532 comments.
Most impressively, the video that we used to promote the bot received 138,285 views.
Here is the video that we used for the competition:
Our main goal is to boost the services of Flip Out’s core business revenue generators, those being Birthday Parties, Corporate Sessions & General Admission. 
Real ROI & Conversion through Social Media
51% of the total footfall is attributed to Digital Marketing
Instagram AD ROAS: 2522% (We strategized and discovered that Instagram Ads is the highest ROI generator for General Admission) 
Facebook AD ROAS: 3137% (We strategised and discovered that Facebook Ads is the highest ROI generator for Birthday Parties) 
We used to run Corporate Ads on Social Media, but they weren’t performing as well. Therefore we stopped running those ads and replaced that budget for Google Ads instead. This yielded a far greater ROI for corporate through shifting to another platform.

Halloween Case Study

For a special Halloween event, we only ran social ads and generated an ROI of 579%. The event was not promoted elsewhere (radio/print) therefore we attribute 100% of this success to social media.

How we used social media as a contact centre

How we used Facebook Events: We created events on Facebook to inform and invite customers to Flip Out’s upcoming events. Those being Halloween, Snowball events for Christmas etc. The beauty of the event format on Facebook is that even if a customer has selected “maybe” they will still be reminded of that event via the Facebook Push Notification function. At times, we have funnelled event users to a landing page where a user fills in their details (name, email address etc) and we can then follow up with the user via email also as an additional digital touchpoint.

How we used Facebook Messenger: Flip Out get quite a few Birthday Party enquiries via Facebook Messenger, these are dealt with directly by the Flip Out sales team. We have also installed Facebook Messenger directly on Flip Out’s website so this will act as an instant call centre. Any queries regarding pricing or availability can be dealt with instantly and this will give Flip Out an edge with their customer service initiatives. 

“Call Now” CTA on Ads: We run “call now” ads through Facebook & Instagram in which Flip Out’s customers can get in touch with them directly instead of being directed to a landing page. The receptionist then logs down the origin of the phone call and they can link the enquiry directly to social. As mentioned, we attribute 51% of all phone calls to social media.

How we used social media for engaging and retaining customers

Using social media to engage with customers:
Flip Out strive to keep their audience entertained by consistently posting good quality content on their social media pages.
The Facebook Bot technology was powered by a competition: “Win an entire Year’s Worth of Flippin’!” This large, incentivising prize ensured that we received a huge spike in engagement during the 10 days that the competition ran. To show that Flip Out was genuine with the prize, the team even shot a live video on the day of revealing the winner. Hundreds of entries were cut up and placed in a bowl. A Flip Out representative then picked a winner live and announced it. 

Using social media to retain existing customers:
Existing customers are extremely important to Flip Out. In an effort to retain them and thank them for their loyalty, we often come up with new ways to reward them. At present, we’re giving existing customers an option to buy an Annual Pass, which would give them an entire year of flipping and an additional 10% off on their services at a very low price. This strategy was to increase the average spend of a Flip Out customer from 100AED to 400AED.
With the Facebook Bot Competition, we had over 300 subscribers to download a “Buy One Get One Free voucher”. We used this email list to create a Facebook “Look-alike” audience.
We frequently ask for reviews on Facebook & Google to ensure that new users feel confident that Flip Out is the right place to go. 

How much data we captured on a monthly basis and how we are utilising it

We have a business dashboard set up to monitor all leads coming from digital. Social ads is only one element that we track carefully to measure Real ROI, ROAS, Conversion & Impressions.
With this data, we utilise it to for the following:

1)  To continually review our strategy:

At the beginning of any campaign, we create many variants to A/B test. Based on the monthly data collected from our tracking, we review our target audience, ads, landing pages and choose the best performing ones which are then AB tested with new variants. This is a continuous process and keeps creating new room for improvement.
Case Study: Through stats, we realised that some our campaigns worked well on one platform but not that well on another. For General admission Instagram worked very well, for Birthday Parties it was Facebook and for Corporate ads it was Google. We then focused our campaign budget on the platform that generated maximum ROI.

2)      For Making informed decisions:

This data is useful in determining the success or failure of a campaign and the reasoning behind it. We use data to make informed decisions about the existing and upcoming events. For example, one event had very low footfall, so by reviewing all the elements of the data, we can gauge why.

3)  To Remarket:

Customer data collected can be used for remarketing, on the same platform and/or cross-platform remarketing.We are going to begin remarketing on Facebook and Instagram very soon using the customer data collected till now.

The features of our social media strategy made us stand out from the competition.

1)      Keeping up with new technology:

We are proactive learners and are constantly learning new technology. Due to this trait, we launched a BOT competition, one of the very firsts in the region, on the Facebook page. The BOT competition was a great success in terms of brand awareness and customer data capture. With very little investment we got a positive response. Also, we added the Facebook customer chat plugin to the website to open conversation and to make it easier for potential customers to get in touch with Flip Out.

2)      Constant experimenting:

We believe that unless you A/B test, you will never know if you have the right approach. Hence, we are constantly A/B testing. We then select the most successful ads and landing pages and A/B test them with new ones to optimise conversion. This is a continuous process that has proven to be extremely profitable for all of our clients.

3)      Highly ROI focused:

We are extremely ROI focused and plan our strategy accordingly, we invest wisely to receive maximum ROI for Flip Out. Our numbers are proof that our strategy works. We now have a mathematical equation that tells us money in = money out, and so we know exactly where to invest our marketing budget.

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