What is SEO?

BY dylan May 10 2016

Every website owner wants to appear on the first page of Google and other powerful search providers, but few have the technical knowledge to accomplish such a feat. Having your website simply present online is not enough; search engines are machines, after all, and can only find and rank your website using information that they understand.

That's where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play: using complex algorithms, the search engine analyses your website content to find relevant content for its user's search queries. SEO is essentially a process of streamlining these procedures for the search engines, and ensuring that your website contains all the necessary data that will help it rank highly within search results.

How do you tell search engines that you have the content their users are looking for?

Several factors dictate how high your website will rank on search pages, and each facet should be optimised to ensure maximum exposure. However, as search engines are always changing their algorithms, frequent website tweaks and updates are necessary to maintain a high ranking. Google, for example, loves to see fresh content. A website that is updated regularly will be highly regarded and therefore highly ranked.

What kind of hat?

Black hat SEO techniques are tricky and cunning ways of attracting visitors to the site; those visitors probably won't stay as they have been drawn into something they weren't initially looking for. In their eyes the brand is then untrustworthy with negative connotations.

Grow use whitehat SEO techniques; drawing in visitors who are genuinely interested in the content and services you offer. We don't see the benefit in showing someone a website on mops when what they were searching for was a hoover; they still won't be interested in mops, at least until they have found their hoover!

White hat optimization for organic search results

Organic search results are the ordinary pages that show up in an internet search, while Paid search results appear at the top and side of search pages. Paid adverts are great for linking keywords to your website if competition for the keywords is too great, however Organic SEO should already be in place for this to work most effectively.

When analysing and optimising Organic SEO, we are looking to accomplish the following:

  • Frequently updated content
  • Relevant keywords
  • Credible sources that link to your website
  • Social media cross-linking
  • Social bookmarking

Why should I care about its ranking?

Your ranking dictates how many people can find your website when searching for the services or products that your company offers. The more optimised, trustworthy and content-rich a site is, the higher search providers will be ranking it. SEO services draw in far more visitors, increase the ranking of your website, and widen brand awareness.

Effectively optimized websites make for a successful business with increased exposure and visitor traffic, which in turn converts into sales and inquiries if your website is engaging enough. Grow design, develop and optimise websites with a unique after-sales service that ensures your web page is constantly promoted through social media and on-going SEO services.

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